New Korg Synth Specialises In Beatles Sounds

Really? Yep, say hello to the Korg Liverpool...      03/09/15

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We checked our calendar and it's not April 1st but Korg has just announced a new keyboard product - the Liverpool, a union jack-bedecked variation of one of their Pa Series Arranger Keyboards containing the means to play Lennon & McCartney's finest.

Korg tells us that the Liverpool features 64 Styles that accurately portrait 64 of the artists' well-known songs. They say that you can play the original chords and melodies to recreate the recordings, or use your own progressions and arrangements. There are 100 hit songs onboard, and you can mute and play along with any part. In addition, a best-of collection of Styles from Korg's microArranger are included.

A spokesperson said, "When you hear those familiar introductions from the internal speakers, just use your right hand to add the piano, and you'll be playing along. You can practice at a slower tempo without changing the pitch or transpose to your liking, mute the bass for minus-one playing, mute the guitar and play along on a real guitar, or enjoy many other possibilities that are unique to a musical instrument performance."

Is this a one-off, or do Korg have other artist-related keyboards in mind? Which band/solo artist would you like see - a 'Berlin' model covering Kraftwerk, perhaps?

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