Modular Meets Leeds: Radek Rudnicki

Sound designer, music composer and performer shows off his rig      28/08/15

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Radek Rudnicki is a sound designer, music composer and performer focussed on working with improvised material. He emphasizes a varied range of digital music, including contemporary composition and free improvisation

Radek works on a number of different projects including his RPE Duo project which combines trumpet and the Elektrons in interesting ways.

For this performance Radek was using a small 3u of modular combined with an Elektron Machinedrum and Octotrack combo. The modular was clocked freely and being sampled by both the Octotrack and the Machinedrum.

One notable module Radek was using was the new Rebel Technologies OWL module, this is a fully programmable digital audio device that can run Pure Data, C++ and FAUST patches all on the same device.




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