Electro-Harmonix Tease With New K9 Pedal Pic

US It looks like you'll be able to play electric piano from a guitar pretty soon      21/08/15

Electro-Harmonix Tease With New K9 Pedal Pic

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Electro-Harmonix has sent us a picture of a forthcoming pedal, the K9 Electric Piano Machine. They've released no information as yet but it's pretty obvious that this follows the B9 and C9 Organ Machines that generate organ sounds from a guitar input, and that it will give guitarists access to electric piano sounds. We also notice that one of the front panel resets is marked as 'Organ'...

With those three and the new Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer delivering a range of virtual analogue synth sounds from a guitar input through its three oscillators, it seems that guitarists are getting more and more access to sounds traditionally provided by keyboards. So, are keyboard players going to be shunted out of bands or do they all have to strap on a Keytar, get down the front of the stage and start pulling faces and throwing shapes to compete?

What do you think?

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