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US IK Multimedia releases Cinematic Percussion instrument      19/08/15

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IK Multimedia has announced the availability of Cinematic Percussion, which they describe as an exciting new SampleTank 3 Instrument collection available now on the SampleTank 3 Custom Shop for Mac and PC. They tell us that this collection is a treasure chest of samples, loops and MIDI patterns that bring the epic sounds of Hollywood to the ultimate sound and groove workstation. A spokesperson said, "These aren't just any old sounds, these are samples taken straight from instruments used to score countless blockbusters."

The samples come from Greg Ellis, a master percussionist whose work has been featured in "Argo," "Godzilla," " Transformers: Age of Extinction," "Iron Man," "The Matrix" trilogy and many other popular titles.

Cinematic Percussion, one of the 20 SampleTank 3 Instrument collections, can now be browsed, purchased and played in SampleTank Custom Shop, a new free version of SampleTank 3 that works as a standalone player and as a DAW plug-in for the entire expanding universe of new and inspiring SampleTank 3 Instruments. Here's more details in IK Multimedia's own words...

Hollywood magic
Cinematic Percussion is a producer's dream. It comes fully loaded with everything needed to add a dash of Hollywood magic to any production: It has a flexible collection of audio loops recorded at 10 different source tempos. It has a generous array of MIDI patterns that have been performed and designed by both the IK sound design team and Greg Ellis himself. And, of course, it also comes with an extremely deep roster of playable single-hit instruments that all support multiple velocities and round robin. All of these drums are mapped using an extended General MIDI mapping, which lets users mix-and-match elements from the Cinematic Percussion kit with elements from other SampleTank 3 drum libraries.

What makes the Greg Ellis percussion sound unique is his combining of instruments from different parts of the world where he brings together various drums, gongs, metals and shakers based on timbre rather than on geography. This decidedly non-traditionalist approach is what separates Cinematic Percussion from a typical "ethnic percussion" library. As such, it's been recorded at Ellis' private studio in the Hollywood Hills, and it offers a collector's gallery of fine instruments from artisanal makers around the world. There's a 38" Javanese gong that's reminiscent of the lowest "A" note of a priceless concert grand piano. There's a tune-tank collection that offers clarity and complex harmonics. There's also finger cymbals, chan chans, gonkogwes, kharkharbas, Taiko drums, African djembes, Arabic darboukas and a whole lot more. All told it's a collection that's made to inject vibrancy, color and personality.

And while it might come from the world of the silver screen, Cinematic Percussion can be used for all kinds of music. It's perfect for any style where a kinetic and life-like groove is desired. "This library has been inspired by my work in film," Ellis notes, "but its application is meant for all forms of music because of the natural feel and human element in there." Or, in other words, this collection of instruments, loops and MIDI grooves lets anyone add a dash of Oscar®-winning depth and creativity to their music.

Available for the new SampleTank Custom Shop player
SampleTank Custom Shop is a free version of SampleTank 3 that works as a standalone player and as a DAW plug-in for all of the SampleTank 3 add-on Instrument collections. Now musicians can purchase and play with the expanding collection of add-on instruments for SampleTank 3 -- like the new Cinematic Percussion, Alan Parsons Imperial Grand, American Acoustic, Future Synths and countless others -- from the convenience of a standalone application or DAW plug-in. SampleTank Custom Shop also provides access to over 19 GB of sounds, over 14,000 samples, over 1,200 MIDI patterns, 3,700 loops and over 570 instruments, plus 30 free instruments and 10 free Custom Shop Gear Credits. With SampleTank Custom Shop, now everyone can use the power of SampleTank 3 add-on instrument collections in their music.

SampleTank Custom Shop also offers the freedom to experiment with a fully functional curated library of 30 high-quality instruments that illustrate SampleTank 3's broad sonic versatility.  Musicians can play and edit these instruments with all the functionality of the world's best selling sound and groove workstation. And, when downloaded and authorized, SampleTank Custom Shop provides 10 Gear Credits for use towards any piece of gear in the Custom Shop.

SampleTank 3
SampleTank 3 is IK Multimedia's expandable ultimate sound and groove workstation for Mac and PC. It features an intuitive workflow that allows musicians to quickly and easily get down to the business of making music. Its massive and expandable sound library (with over 33GB of content!) has inspired countless hit songs and recordings. With its constant stream of new content, SampleTank 3 continues to be the industry standard for professional sound.

Perfect control
This new sound library has been designed to be experienced with IK's growing range of companion hardware controllers. Cinematic Percussion is perfect for use with IK's mobile 4x4 iRig Pads groove production controller for iOS, Mac/PC, iRig Keys and iRig Keys PRO for iOS and Mac/PC.

Pricing and Availability:
The Cinematic Percussion sound library for SampleTank 3 is available now via the IK online store and the SampleTank 3 Custom Shop for just $/€99.99*. The new SampleTank Custom Shop player is available now for free from the IK online store.

*All prices excluding taxes

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