MX-1 Firmware Fix Allows Non AIRA USB Devices

US This could be a Really Big Deal      12/08/15

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A while back we did a Sonic LAB special on the Roland AIRA MX-1 - the pattern based digital mixer as part of the AIRA range, it was pretty cool - allowing AIRA products to be attached in USB Host mode - allowing their USB digital Audio to be routed into the MX-1 Mixer, as well as USB audio return tracks and analogue inputs.

At the time we were pretty excited at the prospect of allowing non-AIRA gear to be hooked up - eg iPads - now that would be very cool.

In a note from Sonicstate reader, the notes of the lartest AIRA software update 1.03 does allow non AIRA products to be used, though sadly (not yet) non Roland products. Details below:

Update history

[ Ver.1.03 ]
[Bug Fix]
The following bug was fixed.
  • Input via the DIGITAL IN connector became monaural.
[Functionality Improvements]
  • Non-AIRA products can be used at the USB HOST connector.
    Usable products are as follows.
    • JD-XA
    • JD-Xi
    • JUNO-Gi
    • JUPITER-50
    • JUPITER-80
    • FA-06
    • FA-08
  • The "MIDI Clock Master" setting after execution of a factory reset has been changed from "Auto" to "Int."

Its a glimpse of the future, though perhaps not the one we'd hoped for - maybe in the pipeline though?

Full details:

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