Omnisphere Update

US V2.1 adds simplified user sound sharing and Library Publishing for third-party development      06/08/15

Omnisphere Update

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Spectrasonics has released Omnisphere 2.1 with a streamlined 'Sharing' feature for sharing user sounds and a new Library Publishing capability. Heres' the story in the company's own words...

Version 2.1 is an update to the company's recent v2 upgrade of its flagship software synth. In May, Omnisphere Version 2.0 was released with vastly expanded new synthesis and creative capabilities for sound design, along with significant user interface innovations, and thousands of new sounds. The new v2.1 update, a free download to Omnisphere version 2 users, includes refined patch and project sharing features for easily exchanging custom sounds between end-users directly or over social media, a Library Publishing feature allowing third-party sound developers to create easily installable sound sets for Omnisphere 2 users, as well as a much improved boot time for the plugin itself. Both the Sound Sharing and Publishing features can contain 'User Audio,' offering new horizons in patch creation and simplified collaboration.

"It's exciting to see the Omnisphere universe expanding with so much great sound development work in so many areas, from EDM to rock, and film and TV scores to games," says Spectrasonics' Founder and Creative Director, Eric Persing. "And now third- party developers of patch sets for Omnisphere 2 have a simple way to create and offer custom libraries that can include their own soundsources, and are easy to install for customers. There's no need for installers or complicated instructions for moving files around directories deep in the system folders. And because it's so easy to share sounds and ideas now, we feel this will be a huge boon for social media user groups discussing tips and patch creation. This is a big opportunity for our users everywhere. We look forward to seeing and hearing what develops!"

Sharing sounds is simplified in Omnisphere 2.1, the end-user can simply shift-click on a few Patches or a few Multi-patches and then save them to be transferred to a friend or musical collaborator who also has Omnisphere 2. Sharing patches automatically includes any user audio, which is especially convenient with custom patches. Sharing multiple types of Patches, Multis and user audio all at once is easier too, with Project sharing; the end-user can just collect a set of sounds in a project, and then share the project.

The new "Publish Library" feature in v2.1 was created for third-party developers of Omnisphere libraries. It allows developers to easily export, or "publish" a library of Multis and Patches, along with any associated user-created Soundsources, as well as graphic images for the custom library in a single .omnisphere file format. End-users can then easily install this package into their systems with a single step.

Beyond the new sharing features in v2.1, the Version 2 upgrade released in May, includes a host of new capabilities including the most requested Omnisphere feature: Audio import for user-created soundsources-along with major new oscillator features including over 400 new DSP Oscillator waveforms, morphing Wavetables, new granular synthesis options, over 4500 unique new sounds created by Spectrasonics' acclaimed sound design team-bringing the total to over 12,000 total sounds and patches, 25 new FX units, an enhanced User Interface, and innovative production/browsing features such as Sound Match to instantly locate any related sounds in the library, and Sound Lock to create endless useful patch variations by locking sound aspects while browsing other patches-among many other innovative features.

Omnisphere 2.1 Feature Overview

New Sound Sharing and Publishing capabilities in v2.1:
•    Easily share patches and projects between users, which can include User Audio
•    Publish a library of patches and Multis including User Audio, graphics and more
•    Share Sounds over social media

Faster Boot Time for Omnisphere 2.1:
•    Opening the plugin inside any DAW on Macintosh or Windows is much speedier

Vast New Synthesis Possibilities in Omnisphere 2:
•    Audio Import - Users can import their own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere
•    Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator - an increase of 100X
•    Wavetable Synthesis - Each Waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable
•    Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm
•    Deeper FM/Ring Mod capabilities for aggressive timbres
•    8 New Filter Types - New Power Filters, Vowel, Resonators
•    New Unison Drift models Analog Polysynth behavior
•    Expanded Modulation with new sources and many more targets
•    Polyphonic LFO and Modulation Envelope options
•    Soundsource Reversing

Now includes over 12,000 sounds:
•    More than 4,500 new patches and soundsources from acclaimed Spectrasonics Sound Design Team
•    New Omnisphere 'Spotlight EDM' library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
•    Exclusive Soundsources from Diego Stocco's Custom Built Instruments
•    New category of Phrase-based Soundsources for granular synthesis
•    Hundreds of new Circuit Bent Soundsources
•    Many Innovative new Psychoacoustic Soundsources
•    New Melodic Cave Stalactites Soundsources
•    ...and much, much more!

New Arpeggiator Features:
•    Note transposition for step seq-style patterns
•    Arp pattern lock while browsing
•    Speed Offset control allows slow down/speed up effects
•    New modulation capabilities

New Interface:
•    Redesigned Wider User Interface with many improvements
•    Show Modulation pane opens modulation routings/sources on left side
•    Mini-Browser available at all times
•    Larger Full Browser Design

Enhanced Browsing experience:
•    Sound Match(tm) feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
•    Sound Lock(tm) allows endless useful variations by locking sound aspects while you browse
•    Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third party libraries
•    Greatly Improved sound organization system
•    Fast Auto Preview/Progressive Loading allows rapid browsing
•    Browse Patches by Mood
•    Expanded Genres
•    Browse by Oscillator type
•    Boolean search options

25 New FX Units:
•    Innerspace
•    Quad Resonator
•    Thriftshop Speaker
•    Classic Twin
•    Bassman
•    Hi-Wattage
•    Rock Stack
•    Brit-Vox
•    Boutique
•    San-Z-Amp
•    Stompbox Modeler
•    Metalzone Distortion
•    Toxic Smasher
•    Foxxy Fuzz
•    Analog Phaser
•    Analog Flanger
•    Analog Chorus
•    Analog Vibrato
•    Solina Ensemble
•    Vintage Tremolo
•    Envelope Filter
•    Crying Wah
•    Stomp-Comp
•    Precision Compressor
•    Studio 2-Band EQ

Flexible New FX Features:
•    16 FX units per patch
•    Full matrix modulation of every FX slot
•    New Aux FX rack per patch with Pre/Post fader sends
•    Hundreds of New FX Presets and Racks
•    Lock FX while browsing

Improvements/Special Features:
•    Live Mode with key splits
•    Enhanced Orb with Attractor mode
•    Trilian Custom Controls compatibility
•    Global Clock Speed (Halftime, Doubletime, etc)


Pricing and Availability:

Omnisphere v2.1 is now released and available to current users as a download from the website. Omnisphere 2 was released April 30, 2015 and is available as a paid upgrade to existing Omnisphere v1 owners. Upgrades can be purchased in participating dealers or through the Spectrasonics website.

Omnisphere 2 retail price: $499/€399 Standard upgrade* price from Omnisphere version 1: $249/€199

*please see website for upgrade details

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