JoeCo 7th Anniversary Summer Sale

US Special pricing on selected products to mark seven years of BlackBox development      31/07/15

JoeCo 7th Anniversary Summer Sale

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JoeCo is celebrating seven years of BlackBox Recorder and BlackBox Player development with a worldwide Anniversary Sale. Starting 1st August, customers will have an opportunity to buy some of the manufacturer's most popular products at specially discounted prices. Products on offer include the 24-channel BlackBox BBR1-B balanced analogue recorder, the 64-channel BBR64-MADI Recorder and the new flagship BBR1MP Recorder.

JoeCo's founder, Joe Bull, began developing the 1U multi-channel BlackBox Recorder in 2008. The first 24-channel system, released the following year, was hailed as a revolutionary solution for live multi-channel audio capture. It offered live engineers a computer-free, high-quality solution for recording, virtual soundchecking and archiving performances. The recorder quickly gained the first in a series of awards for its groundbreaking technology. Over the years, its original unique features – 24bit/96kHz audio capture in broadcast WAV format, use of external USB drives enabling instant access to recorded files (via DAW), along with the instantly recognizable illuminated JoeCo front panel – have remained constant, while the capability of the system itself has greatly expanded.

The BlackBox product range currently includes 64-channel MADI and Dante systems and the flagship BBR1MP Recorder with 24 high-quality integrated mic preamps and user configurable MADI and Dante i/o options. The release of JoeCoRemote in 2013 has enabled wireless control of any BlackBox via iPad. JoeCo's Player technology, which has developed alongside that of the recorder, enables any BlackBox to also be used as a dedicated multi-channel playback device for backing tracks and themed entertainment. JoeCo's customer base has also expanded, representing a range of market sectors from live performance to broadcast, film/TV, installation and house of worship.

The last seven years have seen JoeCo develop in other ways too, as Joe Bull explains: "While the BlackBox product range has been at the forefront of our audio industry profile, we have also developed other specialist product for entirely different applications. For example, in 2013 we designed and supplied Siemens with a number of bespoke industrial recorders for large-scale multi-channel data measurement. We've also been involved in many other fascinating projects and are fiercely proud of our reputation for bulletproof reliability."

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The JoeCo 7th Anniversary summer sale runs from 1st August. For more information and pricing, email, or contact your local sales partner: / Where to Buy.

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