Stekker 2015: Thijs de Vlieger of Noisia

We caught up with one third of the Drum and Bass trio to talk modular      30/07/15

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If over the last 10 years you have been interested in any way with Drum and Bass then Noisia is someone you will have heard of. The Dutch threesomes style of production is unique in it's intricacy.

In interviews they have famously said that they have no problem producing completely inside the box and can spend hours on end working solely on a kick drum.

I was surprised then to find Thijs in the modular room at Studio Stekker. As he put it himself, working with modulars can sometimes feel like you're using rough brush strokes. And I would tend to agree.

The process of using a modular in this sort of environment is even less intricate as you have people milling around you. There are also people playing other instruments and "jamming' with you which can sometimes distract you from what you are working on.

Coming from a production trio I was interested to find that the process of collaborating and jamming on hardware was something new to Thijs. As he put it "at a computer you take turns" so the environment of Studio Stekker was something completely new and exciting.

Edd Butterworth


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