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Impact Soundworks releases Bravura Scoring Brass      17/07/15

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Impact Soundworks has released BRAVURA SCORING BRASS, a comprehensive orchestral sample library powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player. They tell us that this new instrument, designed with film, television, and video game composers in mind, features brass ensembles, soloists, and aleatoric effects, pristinely recorded in a scoring studio and encompassing a wide range of core & extended articulations. Here's the details in the company's own words...

BRAVURA SCORING BRASS comprises 20 instrument patches and 55,000+ samples in a custom-designed performance engine. Articulations such as true legato, marcato, tenuto, double-tonguing, and trills can be seamlessly played and switched in real-time, with deep controls available for tweaking mix and performance options. The powerful and unique Chord Maker and Orchestrator patches offer further convenience, allowing composers to create fully-voiced chords and ensemble parts with ease.

By including three mic positions in a scoring studio space, BRAVURA SCORING BRASS departs from the typical "baked-in" reverb sound of many orchestral libraries and allows exceptional flexibility for mixing and blending with other samples or live performances. Together with the incredible depth at which each instrument and ensemble was captured, these features allow for sounds ranging from subtle and intimate to massive and epic.

The aleatoric effects of BRAVURA SCORING BRASS are geared specifically to modern scoring needs and include a generous assortment of disturbing textures, atonal stabs, clusters, rips, falls, rhythmic figures, and dissonant drones to inspire dark and atmospheric music.

Pricing and Availability:

BRAVURA SCORING BRASS is available now at the Impact Soundworks web store for $349 as a complete bundle including all ensembles, soloists, effects and articulations. No additional software beyond the free Kontakt Player is required.

BRAVURA SCORING BRASS is also available a la carte, with smaller bundles, ensembles, and individual soloists available starting at $39 (full Kontakt required.)

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