Brass Instruments For Kontakt

Native Instruments gets together with Soundiron for Symphony Series - Brass      16/07/15

Brass Instruments For Kontakt

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Native Instruments has introduced SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS ENSEMBLE and SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS SOLO. They tell us that these two new instruments bring the sound of world-class players captured with specific recording techniques for ensemble and solo performance to the KONTAKT platform. NI says that, created for professional film, trailer, and game composers, SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS marks the company's first high-end professional scoring instruments. Here's the full details in their own words...

SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS features pristine sample libraries recorded at Saint Paul's Church in San Francisco – a location selected for its optimal acoustics for brass instrument recording. Each instrument has its own distinct sample library and was produced with techniques optimized for ensemble and solo settings, providing incomparable detail and realism. BRASS ENSEMBLE was created to bring harmony to life with sweeping size and texture. BRASS SOLO provides the detail to orchestrate even the most intricate, delicate melodies. A carefully designed user interface including a detailed Mixer page makes the nuanced emotion required in professional scoring easy to achieve.

BRASS ENSEMBLE comprises a massive 32-piece brass ensemble of four sections of trumpet, trombone, horn, and bass brass instruments – each with eight players per section. Over 100 fully-playable chromatic articulations, including true legato and a variety of staccato types deliver three-dimensional recording detail. Special effect articulations such as valve clicks and warm ups add character and realism to the instrument. Precise recording techniques and advanced sample scripting provide a huge, natural sound that is full of personality for professional scores where harmony needs to be bold and up front.

BRASS SOLO captures the sound of world-class lead trumpet, trombone, first and second horn, and tuba soloists. Natural-sounding post-sustains were achieved by recording two samples instead of the normal three for onset, sustain, and end of note – harder to recreate in software, but far more realistic. All possible intervals were recorded for truly fluid legato performances. Meticulous mic positioning captures the most favorable reflections for solo instruments. The result is 94 fully-playable chromatic articulations and 26 banks of special effect articulations – a professional scoring instrument of the highest standard for rich, melodic orchestrations.

The SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS collection combines BRASS SOLO and BRASS ENSEMBLE for a very special bundle price. Together, the two instruments give producers and composers a completely flexible toolset for brass scoring in the utmost sound quality.

SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS was created in collaboration with the award-winning team at Soundiron – a small workshop specializing in premium, professional-grade virtual instruments. Soundiron create instruments for film, television, advertising, video games, and music recording arts.

Pricing and Availability:
SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS ENSEMBLE is available now at the NI Online Shop for $299 / 299 € / ¥ 34,800 / £249 / AU$399
SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS SOLO is available now at the NI Online Shop for $399 / 399 € / ¥ 45,800 / £339 / AU$549
The SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS COLLECTION is available now at the NI Online Shop for a special bundle price of $499 / 499 € / ¥ 59,800 / £429 / AU$699

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