Synth JAM: Dreadbox Erebus Taster

US Paraphony is your friend      14/07/15

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Dreadbox Erebus test

Dreadbox Erebus, seems quite capable for a little synth - full review coming shortly.

Posted by on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If you thought Summer was quiet, you might be wrong - we've had a pile of synths come through the doors in the last month or two - Yamaha ReFace, Roland JD-XA and this little feller - the Dreadbox Erebus. We'd heard good things about it but weren't expecting to be so charmed by it. Currently its being reviewed - coming soon, but  whilst exploring it, we tried to see if it could hold its own with a little composition we built when we looked at the Korg Odyssey.

Using the paraphonic mode (it has two Osc) we modulate the lower note by a fifth using a square wave, and play a top line above a simple progression. In the Odyssey piece we used the Eventide H9 for massive, lush reverb, but in this case we used the on board delay.

We also added a little filter mod via an external LFO, plus added some Pulse Width mod via another LFO (from the Eurorack).

We think the results are delightful and show that it can be used for gentle, melodic purposes. Anyhow, review coming soon.


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