Eventide H9 Harmonizer and More

US Multi-effects for the guitarist live or in the studio      13/07/15
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We had the Eventide H9 around for a little while,  it's an inspiring effect - on synths, the Shimmer algorithm is hard to beat, if you want that massive, blooming, ambient sound (I know we do). But the H9 has a lot more to offer. Designed in a guitar pedal format, it has DSP to give you all of the Time Factor/Mod Factor and Space Pedal effect algorithms, plus several other classic and off-the-wall effects.

We had a visit from Source Distribution's Andy Bensley - the guitar guy who took us through what the Eventide H9 can do for the guitarist. Integration into a live rig with remote editing vai built-in Bluetooth and additional foot control options make it a pretty flexible.

The H9 comes in several formats:

H9 £439/$579

Greatest Hits Preloaded with 9 algorithms and 99 presets from the award-winning Eventide stompboxes.

  • H9 Exclusive: UltraTap Delay

  • Space: Shimmer & Hall

  • PitchFactor: Crystals & H910/H949

  • ModFactor: Chorus & Tremolo

  • TimeFactor: Tape Echo & Vintage Delay

H9 Max £589/$799

Time, Mod, Pitch, Space Preloaded with all effect algorithms and associated presets from the popular Eventide stompboxes.

  • TimeFactor: 9 Delay effects + Looper

  • ModFactor: 10 Modulation effects

  • PitchFactor: 10 Pitch + Delay effects

  • Space: 12 Reverb and Beyond effects

  • UltraTap, Resonator, EQ Compressor and future exclusives.

The H9 Max also includes all future algorithms created for the platform at no additional charge.

H9 Core £329/$499

Harmonizer for Less Pre-loaded with pitch and delay effects from the original studio harmonizers.

  • H910/H949

  • 25 Factory presets


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