Guitar Synth Demos Don't Get Much Better Than This!

The 80s was an exciting time...      09/07/15

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Meet Neville Marten, he's got about 5 minutes to show you the Synth Axxe System and in that time he can only hint at the power and sophistication of the instrument!

Guitar synths, synth guitars, guitar synth pedals, synth pickups where did it all go so wrong? The concept always sounds great guitarists who like the sounds of synths can play them from their guitar. But it never really took off...

Even now we have the SY-300 from Boss which on paper sounds great; Polyphonic synth sounds from a guitar jack, but the sounds just don't do the technology justice... Surely someone will get it right one day.

But until that day I think we all have to resign to the fact that the guitar synth has never really done anyone any favours...

Maybe I'm too cynical, but I don't see any really famous guitarists using them, similarly I don't see any famous electronic artists using them either. But please correct me if I'm wrong!

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