Limited Edition Analogue Monosynth

Reon DriftBox R is an updated version of the DriftBox in Roland's AIRA Green Livery      02/07/15

Limited Edition Analogue Monosynth

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We haven't seen an official press release for this but it's in store at several retailers. Sweetwater in the USA is advertising it as the Roland DriftBox-R Limited, an updated version of the original Reon DriftBox in AIRA green livery, while the UK retailers are advertising it as the Reon DriftBoxR Limited made exclusively for Roland.

Whatever you want to call it, Roland or Reon, we are told that it was originally commissioned by RJA to demonstrate the abilities of the SBX-1 in-store, and that it has been produced in very small numbers – only 500 worldwide.

One retailer had this to say about it, "The Limited-Run Reon Drift Box R is a semi-modular synth that'll enable you to create unique sounds and also expand the sonic palette of your existing synth. Use it alone and explore the sonic possibilities, triggering its envelope via the onboard momentary button -or- pair it with all sorts of other hardware and the possible functions become seemingly endless. An abundance of cross modulation plus an envelope generator make for a diverse array of sound types: from textures to sweeps to rhythmic bleeps and bloops. Use it with a CV capable keyboard or sequencer and easily attain huge mono basslines and leads. The two VCOs can run at audio rate or low frequencies, which paired with all the cross modulation makes for some interesting combinations."

Thanks to Synthtopia for the heads-up on this one.

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