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Impact Soundworks releases Shreddage Drums for NI Kontakt Player      01/07/15

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Impact Soundworks has released Shreddage Drums for Native Instruments KONTAKT PLAYER. They tell us that it offers a powerful new tool for rock and metal drum production. This is the story in their own words...

Created in collaboration with award-winning composer/producer Frank Klepacki (Command & Conquer, Dune, Star Wars: Empire at War, Rise of Immortals, Grey Goo, etc.) the virtual instrument features over 25,000 pristine drum samples and dozens of preset kits.

Designed with the needs of modern composers and producers in mind, Shreddage Drums offers every tool needed to create "radio-ready" drum tracks. Each mic channel can be mixed, panned, and routed using the built-in mixer. A rack of analog-modeled FX is available for each bus, along with full bleed control for every mic. Custom kits and mapping layouts can be swiftly created, as any drum and articulation can be loaded on any MIDI key, and each drum and cymbal can be shaped, panned, and tuned independently.

Shreddage Drums also includes numerous features designed for users of drum triggers and electronic drum kits. Users can quickly select notes for mapping via MIDI learn, and process MIDI input using a free-draw velocity table. Individual notes can be mixed and tuned, even when using the same drum and articulation, to make up for differences in trigger sensitivity.

The library also includes a bonus collection of over 700 live-recorded MIDI grooves and fills from Groove Monkee. These are split into an array of different time signatures, root tempos, and 'feels', such as 8th note, surf, and double-time, and serve as an excellent way to start or flesh out any drum track.

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Shreddage Drums is available now for $119.

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