Plug-In Features Interracting Filters

SKnote releases SoundBrigade for Mac and Windows      01/07/15

Plug-In Features Interracting Filters

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SKnote has released the SoundBrigade plug-in, described as a brigade of filters with a mission - the mission being an algorithm. A spokesperson told us, "The special configuration of the filters and the way they interact makes SoundBrigade a new and unique filter. The filters act in reaction to incoming signal, only in the frequency range assigned by the user."

Here's some details of the operations carried out in SKnote's own words...

Tame - A track contains a frequency band which stands up too strong but an EQ isn't the way to go. The action of the filters tames its level, while being transparent and preserving dynamics.

Control - Some tracks may require to get a fuller spectrum, not only by taming peaks but also by "upward" compressing components.

Wakeup - To be used on dull tracks, where dynamics are too compressed, or the spectrum is flat. Also interesting for experimenting. High peaks get higher, low valleys get lower.

Rotate - No EQ action, no modifications of the spectrum, just phase rotation. The more the filters are focused on a narrow range, the stronger their action. So called "dispersion" (makes "tac" sound "twack"), in a different way. Try it on strong peaks, as a de-esser, on pops and more.

Master - Like Tame but filters' parameters have a strong frequency dependence, suitable for a mix.

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Introductory price $29.99 (normally $39.99)

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