Synthetic Sound With Organic Flavour

Musicrow releases ORGANIC 'synth' for NI Reaktor      30/06/15

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Musicrow has released ORGANIC, which they describe as a new synthesizer for NI Reaktor that produces synthetic sound with an organic touch and flavor. Here's their description of it...

ORGANIC strips off the qualities of real life complex sounds, and applies it on pure synthetic audio sources. Its sound has got the 'organic' nature, a real-world natural stereo depth, complex behavior and a new fresh sonic flavor.

Play with synthesized rain drops, flow with pads made of wind, and listen to the earthshaking fat basses: ORGANIC will be perfect for any innovative music producer and sound designer who is ready for a new sonic adventure.

10 soundbanks and 400 sounds for instant use are included.

Main Features:

  • Synthesized sounds with natural depth and complex behavior
  • Real-world true-stereo synthesized sound
  • Envelope follower that can modulate various parameters
  • 7 filter types to choose from (Including formant and special filters)
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Advanced effects section
  • 10 Soundbanks and more than 400 sounds for instant use

Pricing and Availability:
ORGANIC is now available on Musicrow's site for an introductory price of €49 (Instead of €79). Introductory price is valid until July 20, 2015

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