Headphone Vitalizer

Sound Magic releases a tool to enhance headphones      30/06/15

Headphone Vitalizer

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Sound Magic says that Headphone Vitalizer is the most comprehensive tool to enhance your headphones. They believe that, with it, you can easily and greatly improve sound quality for your headphones.

A spokesperson had this to say, "You can use it to simulate speaker feelings on your headphones. And with a frequency compensation system based on a huge database, you can have the most precise sound for your headphone monitor system. Headphone Vitalizer is designed for headphone geeks, mixing and mastering engineer who uses headphones as a monitor system and headphone manufacturers.

Headphone Vitalizer uses a Multi-Dimensional HRTF system. Compared to common HRTF, Multi-Dimensional HRTF will have better results when the sound source is not in the middle. With our specially designed algorithm, it will sound more open and live than common convolution algorithms. And in order to have the best sound quality, we build this HRTF for each customer. Because every person has a unique HRTF, it is impossible to use a common HRTF to achieve the best result. Headphone Vitalizer changes this case by customizing HRTF for each customer. This is where the value lies.

Every audio engineer wants a flat frequency response monitor system, but it is a difficult task. And this is even more difficult in a headphone system. You will find even if you have all the tools, the frequency response of your headphone will result an imperfect result. In order to make your headphone system more accurate, we introduce our frequency compensate system with a huge headphone database, which contains over 300 headphones from over 20 manufacturers. This is the most comprehensive headphone database you can find on the market. In this huge database, we recorded every headphone's frequency response, and also phase response. By using this data, we can compensate the frequency loss and achieve a flat frequency response better than any other methods. And this database covers most wide-used headphone models from big names such as Sennheiser, Sony, Shure, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic and more."

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