Podcast: Sonic TALK 407 Squash It Like a Sausage

Korvpressor,the Drop Machine, Favourite Waveform, micro grooves      18/06/15

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73:39 mins



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Gaz explains the importance of calibrating your Theremini, Marc tells is about the Sweetwater Gearfest and Robbie the B-rig he built for Howard Jones in the US. Then we move on to the inspired GUI of the Korvpressor compressor, EQ cheat sheet from Frederic Villemin, The Drop Machine - scary Spotify log file analysis breaks down the break down to a data set, Modulince - new modular audio environment, then the burning question "What Is Your Favourite Waveform?", a quick chat about Applied Science's video of the electron microscope of vinyl records, cd and dvd surfaces.



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0:30 Hellos and catchups
7:10 Marc Doty on Sweetwater Geafest
10:50 Korvpressor - sausage compressor
15:58 EQ frequency cheat sheet guide
24:25 iZotope Ozone Competition
27:09 The Drop Machine - finds the drop
39:24 Modulince audio routing and processing
44:35 Upgraded to Yosemite
49:40 Alchemy makes it into Garageband?
51:49 Favourite waveform
1:02:00 Electron microscope record grooves
1:09:19 Semi Modulars
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