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US Soundiron's virtual grand piano now available as a Rack Extension      17/06/15

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Soundiron has announced the release of their Emotional Piano for Propellerhead's Rack Extension platform for Reason. They say that this deeply sampled walnut bodied virtual grand piano has a deep, hazy, warm and ponderous sound absolutely perfect for expressive songwriting and dark, brooding underscores.

To celebrate, Soundiron are also putting their Kontakt Player Edition of Emotional Piano on sale for only $99 as well. That's a full $50 off, but this deal ends after June 23rd.

Here's what they have to say about the Emotional Piano Rack Extension:

The Emotional Piano Rack Extension is a custom-built version of Soundiron's legendary virtual grand piano designed for Reason. This deeply sampled walnut bodied grand piano library has a deep, warm and ponderous sound absolutely perfect for profoundly emotive songwriting and deep, brooding underscores. We focused on capturing the exceptionally wide, resonant warmth and velvety softness of a gorgeous Kawai grand to capture just the right character. The sound of a piano is defined by a thousand things, from the lacquer on the wood to the hardness of the hammer felts. Our goal was to find the softest, deepest, most resonant, rich, lush, warm and truly soulful sound we could imagine in a grand piano - a sound to express our hearts and souls with. You'll find it perfectly captured here, in the Emotional Piano.

The user interface allows custom shaping of the sound from softening of the transient to release damping. Also included are a wide variety of presets that transport Emotional Piano to different places using Soundiron's own professionally recorded convolution impulses.


  • Deep-sampled Kawai Grand Piano
  • All 88 keys sampled with at least 6 velocity layers
  • Sound shaping controls to tweak and customize the piano
  • Pedal action samples
  • Presets place Emotional Piano in a variety of unique simulated spaces
  • Specifications
  • 1.17 GB
  • 41 Presets

Pricing and Availability:

$99 in the Propellerhead shop.

More information:


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