What Would Happen If A Modular Synth And A DAW Had A Baby?

Modulince is here to answer that question      15/06/15

What Would Happen If A Modular Synth And A DAW Had A Baby?

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10 minutes of joyous patching from Modulince on Vimeo.

If you like to work in a modular way, but have always felt that the DAW has restricted your modular creativity then Modulince may well be the program for you.

Modulince comes bundled with many different effects and instruments that you can combine in unique ways to create your own sounds. You can rewire your instruments in real-time. Every single audio module has been hand crafted to produce the most unusual and distinctive sounds. Extract uncommon clicks, pops, or stutters from audio samples with the latest granular synthesis algorithms. Combine buttery filters, interesting oscillators, and clever beat processors to unlock the most creative noises.

But if you really need to get something totally unique you can even reprogram your own modules in C++. The built-in code editor allows you to build your own custom audio module. Write code, click compile, and listen to the results immediately. And because it's C, all of your code is compiled directly into native 64-bit assembly for the absolute fastest execution times and lowest audio latency available.

Modulince - a modular and a DAW

Modulince comes with the ability to integrate all manner of different controllers using either MIDI, OSC and even the Leap Motion Controller which we took a look at a while ago. You aren't limited to just one controller type either--you can use them all at once Bi-directional signal flow makes it possible to assign multiple controller actions to any knob, keeping your OSC, MIDI, and Leap all in sync while performing.

Unlike many modular environments that work either inside your existing DAW or don't have the ability to sequence your audio Modulince allows you to pull all of your sounds together and arrange your composition directly within the modular environment.

For more info visit the Modulince site.

EDIT: This is a MAC only program!


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