Wanna Make Modular Techno Without The Modular?

Sampleloops.com offer up their services      09/06/15

Wanna Make Modular Techno Without The Modular?

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Sampleloops.com is a new site offering royalty free audio samples and loops for use in your tracks and other musical productions.

The first set of packs are aimed at electronic producers concentrating on techno. The objective of the packs is to provide sounds that may not be available to many producers on a budget. The first pack exclusively uses Eurorack modulars, as we all know that modular and techno go hand in hand!

Key pieces of equipment that have been used on the packs include; Make Noise - DPO, Mysteron, Maths, Echophon, Erb Verbe, Phonogene & Rene, Intellijel - Metropolis, Mutamix, Linix & Cyclonix Shapeshifter, Mutable Instruments - Braids, Clouds, Elements & Ripples, Malekko - Richter Noisering & Richter Oscillator II, Noise Engineering - Basimilus Iteratis & Numeric Repetitor, ALM - Dinky's Taiko & Pamelas Workout, 4MS - QCD, SCM, Hexinverter - Mutant BD and Mutant Hats, Tip Top Audio - 808BD and 909 Hats and many more.

"The end result is a unique blend that only modular can create"

Check out more at: Sampleloops.com

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