JZ Mics Re-Issues The Flamingo Series

US Microphones no longer to be distributed by Violet Design      26/05/15

JZ Mics Re-Issues The Flamingo Series

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JZ  Microphones has  taken over distribution and manufacturing control of the Flamingo microphone series, thus placing all of the designer's microphones under one company. The re-issue features a new metallic black finish and JZ says that special care   has been put in to ensure that the exquisite capabilities and sound of the microphone are preserved. Here's their press release with the detais:

Flamingo series microphones have always been manufactured in Latvia but for many years the rights of distribution were entrusted to Estonian company -Violet Design. Juris Zarins -The creator of Flamingo products and the brand itself highly appreciates the  work  done  by  Violet  Design but believes  that the Latvian-made  microphones should  "return home" and go after the global market with new energy. This can be done by JZ Microphones – a company with close tie stothe biggest recording studios in Hollywood and a name that is well-known in the industry. Juris Zarins is confident that JZ  microphones can give the new Flamingo  series much deserved attention: "I am sure that JZ  Microphones is much better equipped to handle a line with such big potential.  Also there will always be a demand for high quality microphones in the music industry, especially when it comes to assembling a serious recording studio."

JZ  Microphones  stresses that although there have been new improvements to the look and design of the microphone, special care has been taken to ensure that the characteristics of the product remain intact. The quality of microphones is no-doubt highly important to sound engineers because it plays a key role in a quality recording, which in turn builds the reputation and success  of  the studio. A good example of the Flamingo series being up to the task is the  recording of Foo Fighters album Wasting Light in which a Flamingo stereo microphone was used.

Benefitsof the re-issue:

  • Flamingo series will now consist of 4 microphones: Flamingo 47, Flamingo 67, Flamingo Junior and Flamingo Stereo.
  • New re-worked metallic-black finish
  • All of these microphones come with 10 year warranty which points out to the exceptional quality of the product. JZ Microphones will maintain the warranty of all Flamingo series microphones that have already been sold.
  • In  addition the service time will be shortened  as  JZ  Microphones has a close connection with the factory making this possible.

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