Podcast: Sonic TALK 404 - Paul Vo Wond, Prophet 6

Drum programming,, Stereoping TX81Z      20/05/15

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73:59 mins


  • Jem Godfrey - keyboards, producer - he's been working with Gary Barlow!
  • Marc Doty -synth specialist Bob Moog Foundation's archivist
  • Dave Spiers - GForce Software's synth expert
  • Rich Hilton - keyboards for Chic and Nile Rodgers' studio guy
RX4 Box
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We catch up with Jem Godfrey's latest projects, which include co-producing with Gary Barlow of Take That fame. The Paul Vo Wond, Stereoping Synth Controller and working with TX81z FM synth, Marc Doty has been sent a Prophet 6 to look check out, we ask him what its like, we also talk about an article on the finer points of humanizing electronic drums,.

1:45 Jem Godfrey - working with Gary Barlow
10:40 Paul Vo Wond
22:55 iZotope OZONE competition
25:20 Stereoping Synth controller - TX817
44:22 Marc Doty has the Prophet 6
55:10 Who knew Gary Barlow was into synths
56:50 Drum programming techniques

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