Aphex Twin and The Never Ending Soundcloud Playlist

With over 200 tracks now uploaded we help you navigate the mass of music      06/05/15

Aphex Twin and The Never Ending Soundcloud Playlist

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15 hours and 38 minutes is roughly how long it would take you to listen to every single thing Richard D. James has uploaded onto Soundcloud over the last three months. (and yes we really did just sit here and add up all the times of all the 205 tracks...)

Until recently everything was contained in the user48736353001 profile however if you go to this profile now you will no longer find the tracks that were there before. Everything has been moved to a new profile called user18081971 and in the last 24 hours there have been a number of new uploads.

The old profile is now called Caustic Window after the lost album that was released last year via a Kickstarter campaign.

This amount of music is more than some artists will release in a lifetime... although granted some of it is better than others, check this one out.

In order to help we thought we would pick some of our favourites, the last track in our short list shows off his softer side:







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