Metric Halo's Gear of Your Dreams Sale

Discounts on hardware interfaces and plug-ins until the end of June      30/04/15

Metric Halo's Gear of Your Dreams Sale

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Metric Halo says that if ever there was an ideal time to improve your sound and speed your workflow with their precision-crafted hardware interfaces or their sonically-seasoned plug-ins, now is that time. Metric Halo's Gear of Your Dreams sale is on through June 30, 2015 and they tell us that it offers the kind of deep discounts that can seismically shift your budgetary landscape.

Stu Buchalter, Metric Halo's vice president of worldwide sales, said, "We don't like hearing the word 'sale' associated with some puny number like 5% or 10% – we like our sales BIG! That's why the 'Gear of Your Dreams' sale cuts so deep. We're talking about 20% to 60% savings! Metric Halo hardware and software is well-respected by so many top engineers in the industry because we build innovative, future-proof, high-quality products that sound fantastic and that keep the creative juices flowing!"

The flagship ULN-8 interface, normally $4495, is on sale for $3395, an $1100 savings. Prices on the 2882, ULN-2, and LIO-8 interfaces, along with all their permutations, are slashed by up to 25%

Prices on Metric Halo's collection of VST, Pro Tools & AU-compliant plug-ins (for both Mac and Windows), from the workhorse ChannelStrip to newcomers like Dirty Delay, are cut by over 50%. Individual plug-ins, normally $179, are going for $75, and the entire Production Bundle collection of eight plug-ins, normally $699, is now just $299.

Pricing and Availability:
Sale pricing is available though your local Metric Halo dealer or distributor, as well as directly from Metric Halo via their Online Store.

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