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US INHALT posts an audio demo of the new Sequential Prophet 6 on YouTube      30/04/15

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INHALT has posted a new audio demo of the soon-to-be-released Prophet-6. This is what they have to say about it:

When the team at Dave Smith Instruments called us to take a look at their new synth, we had no idea that the words "Sequential" and "Prophet" were going to be proudly displayed. One note later through the Meyer Sound rig at the DSI Office and we knew that there was no doubt that the Prophet 6 was the most genuine and true successor to the Prophet 5.

The Prophet 5 has a very important place in our gear arsenal. It's heavily featured on our EP "Occupations" and is one of the few synths we have that simply doesn't need much post processing. It takes to multitracking effortlessly and exudes pure analog "aliveness". Not to mention the fact that it doesn't take much to get it into the moody and dark John Carpenter film score sound. In short, the Prophet 6 had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, it does so in spades, going beyond what the Prophet 5 could do both in sound and programmability.

From the Prophet 5 rev 2 style SSM filter (it's a discrete take on this design) to the brand new, discrete voltage controlled oscillators, the new high pass filter, dual fx engine, and output distortion, the Prophet 6 builds upon everything good from the 5 and then goes much, much further. Coupled with a fully polyphonic step sequencer and standard issue arpeggiator, the Prophet 6 is the perfect, discretely analog, polyphonic synthesizer. And it's as much at home on a stage as it is in the studio.

The sounds that you hear are from the factory bank patches we've submitted to Dave Smith Instruments/Sequential. We intentionally focused on more standard, instantly usable sounds, rather than ones that showcase some fancy programming trickery. Reason being is that the Prophet 6 is all about immense raw sound quality and immediate, tactile programmability. Everything you are hearing was performed using the onboard facilities of the Prophet 6. There are absolutely no external FX or sequencers used. If you hear a reverb or a delay, it's coming from the built in dual FX engine on the 6. We simply recorded the stereo output via a Precision 8 mic pre amp into Pro Tools HD, normalized the clips and bounced the track.

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