The Superbooth is Back!

US Here is everything we shot on the Schneiders Booth      29/04/15


Pittsburgh Modular Patchbox

Our Guitars Editor Richard Beech was particularly excited about this one which is why we decided to get straight down to Pittsburgh Modular booth and check it out. 

We had to steal a guitar from the Moog booth to demo this one, so the result was fairly rough and ready, but one which hopefully gives you a bit of a teaser before we do a full review in the sonic studio. 

AJH Synth MiniMod

Fairly new comers to the eurorack market are AJH Synth. Their MiniMod series is designed to put a Mini Moog Model D in your eurorack. 

We were mightily impressed by the sound quality of these modules, you can tell the amount of work that has gone in to make them big and beefy, just how a Mood design should be. 

Abstract Data Octocontroller

This is one module that got fairly brushed over in our NAMM coverage, so we were keen to get a full overview of what exactly it can do.

Justin Owen was on hand to put the Octocontroller through it's paces and take us through a patch that was completely driven by the module. The Octocontroller can give you any type of output ranging from LFOs, gates, S+H, looping and arpeggios

4ms SMR, DLD and Sampler Prototype

Wow Dan Green has been working hard this year it seems. At NAMM he showed us the new SMR then at MESSE he already has a new module and updates to the SMR. 

You could see how with just all three of these modules one could make a very unique small system. A sampler, a "filter" and a delay. You could get some very interesting results out of that setup. 

Make Noise Telharmonic

So the last shot of the day on Wednesday was one module we had already seen at NAMM. It was pretty dark in Tony's corner of the superbooth but the updates he showed us to the Telharmonic really blew us away. 

The updates add extra audio outputs that vastly increase the sound capabilities of this module. The Phase Modulation voice in particular was a highlight for us!

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