Wood and Wires: The Ondes Martenot Reimagined

Beautiful, boutique and very exclusive      28/04/15

Wood and Wires: The Ondes Martenot Reimagined

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With less than 20 made a year the Therevox ET4 is one very exclusive instrument. Handcrafted from North American Walnut, milled and finished by hand in Ontario Canada. All soldering, calibrating and assembling is also done in their workshop.

Therevox began building custom instruments in 2004 with the ET-1, a modern version of the unique Electro-Theremin heard on The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations". In 2008 a limited edition of twelve updated ET-3's went to musicians and studios in North America and Europe.

In 2012 they released another continuous pitch analog instrument inspired by the Ondes Martenot and early analog synthesizers. The ET-4 has shipped to customers around the world and has been featured on several albums and film soundtracks.

Dual pressure sensitive intensity keys control the amplitude of the ET-4's two independent analog oscillators. Combined with a low-pass filter, white noise generator and internal spring reverb the ET-4 is an expressive and versatile performance instrument. The ET-4.1 is the standard model, the ET-4.2 adds an effects loop and other features and the ET-4.3 also adds MIDI over USB output.

The instruments are designed to be intuitive, versatile and buiilt to last.

$2125.00 USD + Shipping

A deposit of $400 starts the build of your ET-4.3. Build time is currently 3-4 Months.





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