Podcast: Sonic TALK 400 - Another Fine MESSE

US Post show de-brief      23/04/15

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We start with a bit of good ol' MESSE speculation - the new Roland "Get Patching" teaser, Elka Synthex reboot, and the Fab Filter Pro Q2 EQ2, then some on the new NI stems file format which takes us into a wider discussion on music creation and tools.

We are joined again my Marc Doty who helps us disentangle the whole MESSE. We talk AIRA of course, JD-XA, Bastl, Modal Electronics new synths and just about everything MESSE we can fit in.

For our full Musik MESSE video experience, we have a Musik MESSE 2015 playlist on Youtube, best make yourself a hot drink and get some ready meals in, theres hours of the stuff - more still coming.

Thanks once again to our MESSE show sponsors; Universal Audio, Loopmasters/Plug-in Boutique, Cakewalk, Clavia, Ableton, iZotope, Boss UK, Tip Top Audio, TC Elctronic, Tascam and Audio Technica.

4:10 Robbie's A/B rig
8:30 Roland AIRA Modular
24:50 JD-XA
30:15 iZotope IRIS2 competition
35:30 Modal Electronics 008
43:50 The panel picks their highlights of MusikMesse
46:50 Marc's pick
48:45 Robbie's pick
50:00 Gaz pick - MDE
57:30 The state of demonstration
1:08:06 Bastl
1:09:00 lets hear it for Schneiders Buro
1:10:15 Messe Sponsors thanks!

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