MESSE 2015: JoboMusic Flexion Synth

A unique new soft synth that uses what they call construction synthesis      20/04/15
    MP4 7:54 mins    

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New kids on the block JoBoMusic show us their first synth Flexion. Using what they call Construction Synthesis to create completely unique and interesting waveshapes.

You can add control points or flex point to a visual representation of your waveshape or your filter and then use a modulator or macro to then control some sort of morhping between two different flex points.

With this approach to synthesis you can see how things could get pretty complex pretty quickly.

By designing your own filters you can get some vey unique sounds. Some of the vocal or formants sounds that came out of this synth really kind of blew me away.

You also have lots of visualisation aspects which allow you to have  visual representation of what the synth is doing.

Although their is no release or price as of yet, we look forward to hearing some more information over the coming year.

Filmed and Written by Edd Butterworth

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