MESSE 2015: Behringer X Air - Full Range Imminent

US Little box of big DSP      20/04/15
    MP4 4:9 mins    

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The new range of X-Air mixers, or is it perhaps a stage box? Its hard to tell as it looks like a box with a bunch of IO on it. In the case of the X AIR XR18 this is 16 combi inputs, 2 line in, 8 XLR outs, USB, headphones, MIDI, Ethernet and Remote.

But the simplicity of the outside shouldnt fool you, inside its got a bunch of DSP and a WIFI router. This means that you can access pretty much all of the channel processing and FX from the much larger X32 console (see our review). Editing is done via dedicated app running on Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and Linux.

Looking forward to getting our hands on one for testing and the XR18 is now shipping, there are also X18 - which interfaces with your tablet, XR16 and XR12 models - which Behringer say are few weeks away from shipping.


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