MESSE 2015: Dreadbox Erebus and More

US See the Erebus and the new range of CV guitar pedals      19/04/15
    MP4 8:3 mins    

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So a lot has happened since we saw the Murmux synth back at NAMM 2014. For starters the company has changed it's name to Dreadbox!

The second synth from the Dreadbox the Erebus packs a lot of functionality and features into a very tiny box; Duo-phonic operation, built VC delay line, semi-modular and more. The MIDI to CV interface also adds duophonic operation for routing around the rest of your modular system via the patchbay. I thought this machine sounded great.

Dreadbox also had a range of CV controllable pedals on offer too. Although these were still in the protoype stage. We have seen CV on a few different guitar stomps as of late, but could this be another easy way for the experimental guitarist to get into modular synths? we will have to wait and see.

Dreadbox had the best swag of all the companies I visited this year, you see that circuit board that was on the presenters chest at the beginning of the video? That is an oscillator and LFO!

Filmed and Written by Edd Butterworth

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Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless mics

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