MESSE 2015: Behringer X-Touch Controllers Update

US Shipping soon we are told      19/04/15
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Its been a while since the X-Touch range was first shown  - I think it was NAMM last year. Clearly Behringer have a lot on as they've taken this long to get close to production for this range. But as we hear from John DeNicola, the X-Touch - this is the one that has full MCU (Mackie Control) capabilities, along with scribble strips per channel (like the X32) and transport control.

Additionally the X-Touch can speak directly to the X-32 via Ethernet making it a possible companion for the X32 rack.

The X-Touch looks like its a still a couple months off shipping, but we do know that its coming soon. We also look at the X-Touch Compact and X-Touch Mini which are coming a little later.


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