MESSE 2015: Elektron Overbridge VST Editor- Working

Working plug-in editor on show      18/04/15
6:38 mins    

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Elektron's Overbridge is an ambitious new set of functions that links the Analog Four, Analog Keys and Analog Rytm directly to the computer via USB. Audio/MIDI and control can all be communicated, with a plug-in which effectively aggregates all the IO available across mulitple instruments without the need to get into OS level aggregation.

It also additionally now adds a large screen instrument editor - which greatly enhances the usabillity of all three units - we found the small screen somewhat fiddly in use, but the sound and functions were great. With the Editor, things are completely different, with a large visual representation of whats going on in the synth engines.

Cenk shows us the system  and gives us a progress update.


Musik MESSE 2015 Kit:
Tascam DR-70D 4 Channel recorders

Audio-Technica System 10 Wireless mics


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