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US StudioLive CS18AI delivers advanced control for StudioLive RM Mixers and Studio One      15/04/15

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PreSonus has introduced the StudioLive™ CS18AI mix controller, a versatile, scalable, modular control surface for StudioLive RM-series rack-mount, Active Integration™ digital mixers and PreSonus' Studio One® DAW. They tell us that, networking with StudioLive RM32AI and RM16AI mixers via AVB Ethernet and PreSonus UCNET technology, the StudioLive CS18AI offers touch-sensitive motorized faders and enables complete hardware control of all mixer features, managing up to 64 channels.
They say that the new controller also makes it even easier to do virtual soundcheck, live recording, and studio mixdown with PreSonus' Studio One DAW and Capture™ recording software.

PreSonus Senior Product Manager Ray Tantzen, told us, "The StudioLive CS18AI is the next logical step as we continue expanding our modular networked mixing systems. Our StudioLive Active Integration mixing systems are the only solutions that allow you to customize your mixing experience to fit your individual needs. With a StudioLive RM as the mix core, you can choose to work with physical motorized faders, portable wireless iPad, a large Windows 8 touch screen, or a combination of them all."

The 19-inch, rack-mountable StudioLive CS18AI has the same footprint as a StudioLive 16.4.2AI console and can control up to 64 input channels (with two cascaded StudioLive RM-series mixers) and the mixer's Fat Channel processing section. An RGB Channel Select button makes it easy to identify and switch between channels.

In addition to supporting traditional "layer" workflows, the new controller supports PreSonus Filter DCA Groups, making it easy and intuitive to navigate and control large mixes with its 18 touch-sensitive, motorized faders. The CS18AI also features a 16-channel scribble-strip display and a 4.3-inch color touchscreen.

Because the StudioLive CS18AI's motorized faders are touch-sensitive, you don't have to move the fader for it to recognize it's being touched, and you can view the fader value without changing it. When used with Studio One, this enables you to write automation using touch-and-latch methods that "know" when you touch and release a fader.

The StudioLive CS18AI can be used concurrently with PreSonus UC Surface control software for Mac, Windows, and iPad and QMix™-AI personal monitor control software for iPhone/iPod touch, so you can control StudioLive RM mixer with multiple devices simultaneously. UC Surface integrates directly with the CS18AI as an extension to the physical controller, providing complementary views for the selected channel strip, full metering, and scene recalls.

In addition to handling control data, the StudioLive CS18AI's AVB Ethernet connection makes it possible to include two mic inputs with recallable XMAX™ preamps and two balanced TRS line inputs, enabling the CS18AI to handle talkback, room mic, and other local inputs, such as 2-track playback. There are also two channels of digital returns from the RM mixer that can carry signals from the solo bus, main mix, or any aux mixes to feed the two balanced TRS monitor and headphone outputs.

Pricing and Availability:
The StudioLive CS18AI is expected to be available in June 2015 at a U.S. retail price of $2,499.95.
A 32-channel system with 1 StudioLive CS18AI and 1 RM32AI mixer will be available at a U.S. retail price of $4,999.95.
A 64-channel system with 1 StudioLive CS18AI and 2 RM32AI mixers will be available at a U.S. retail price of $7,499.85.

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