MESSE 2015: Complete Modular Synthesizer System

Bastl Instruments announces Rumburack      15/04/15

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Bastl Instruments tell us that they are proud to make some big announcements that greatly enrich the range of musical instruments that they hand-make in theCzech Republic. Here's their press release accompanied by an official guided video tour of their booth with Felix from The Tuesday Night Machines.

First of all we are thrilled to introduce our completely new modular synthesizer system called Rumburack. It is compact and highly reconfigurable multi voice instrument with advanced sequencing and modulations capabilities. We could frame it as a modular drum machine but it is not possible to pre-determine its end use, the more it offers 14HP of blank space for additional modules. It is composed entirely of 3U modules compatible with eurorack format.

The second big announcement of the Messe is set of 4 modules dedicated for interfacing real world with any modular synthesizer. The modules to allow this are: Sense is analog sensor calibration module. It can take any sensor based on resistance or voltage output and calibrate and convert its signal to CV and Gate. Motor range consists of 3 modules to interface CV and trigger from modular with 3 different types of motors: Solenoid, Servo and DC motor. In each of those modules the circuitry used to drive the motors is optically isolated from the circuitry dedicated to interface with the modular. This means you will need external power supply for the motor modules and the grounds won't be connected to prevent any noise or damage.

Least but not last is a preview of our new product from the tabletop category and it is sequencable effects processor called Thyme. It gives deep and hands-on access to basic sound processing elements which let you create most of the effects from the classic multi-effect range, but also explore the whole territory in between of those. You can store all the sound settings on quickly accessible preset button which you can sequence with the built-in sequencer. On top of this there is sophisticated LFO and knob automation. You can also interface with MIDI, CV, analog clock and with a foot switch connector. Thyme is still in the prototype phase and full specs, pricing and availability will be announced earliest in autumn.

Pricing and Availability:
-Knit Rider - 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer  - 230 eur  - (starts shipping on 30 of april)
-CV Trinity - 6 channel modulation signal source - 250 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)
-grandPA - graunlar sampler - 173 eur - (shipping from 30 of april)
-Little Nerd - trigger, gate and clock processor - 123 eur  - (already shipping)

-Tea Kick - more than just a drum - 90 eur - (already shipping)
-Skis - dual decay + vca - 90 eur - (already shipping)
-Noise Square - noise and square source - 90 eur - (already shipping)
-ABC - 6 channel mixer - 82 eur - (already shipping)

-Cinnamon - state variable filter - 109 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)
-Quattro Figaro - quad vca with cv inverters and mix outputs - 164 eur - (already shipping)

-Propust - passive filter - 45 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)
-Spaghetti - utility toolie - 82 eur - (already shipping)
-Multiple - passive multiple - 25 eur - (already shipping)

-Solenoid Motor - 4 channel trigger to Solenoid interface - 100 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)
-Servo Motor - 2 channel CV / Gate to Servo Motor interface - 100 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)
-DC Motor - 2 channel bipolar CV to DC motor interface - 100 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)
-Sense - analog sensor calibration module - 100 eur - (starts shipping in june 2015)

Complete Rumburack system
price excluding TAX 1799 eur
will start shipping in July - to get yourself on the waiting list please place an deposit pre-order at
-list of modules in Rumburack system (Knit Rider, CV Trinity, Tea kick 2x, grandPa, Little Nerd, Skis 2x, Noise Square, Quattro Figaro, Cinnamon, Propust, Multiple, ABC)

all available to order or pre-order at

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