SSL Live Consoles Update

V3 software introduces over 40 new software and hardware features      13/04/15

SSL Live Consoles Update

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Solid State Logic has announced the release of a significant power increase and new V3 software that introduces over 40 new software and hardware features and updates for its SSL Live console range. They say that the new release takes SSL Live consoles to an unrivalled balance of power, features and price.

A spokesperson had this to say,

"The L500 becomes the L500 Plus to mark the significance of this new release in the ongoing evolution of the acclaimed console. The power of the L500 rises from 192 mix paths to 256 with a doubling of Effects processing power (depending on the effects selected). The L300 also enjoys a power increase from 128 to 192 mix paths.

The Version 3 software release provides an extensive and impressive collection of feature additions to SSL Live consoles, including a superb new Super-Q feature, an optional Dante interface card, Remote Control software, Console Expander Mode, User Interface changes, new Effects, enhancements to the Solo system and a collection of features designed for customers who broadcast their productions."

Pricing and Availability:
SSL Live V3 is due for public release in May 2015 and will become standard on all new consoles. Upgrades will be available to bring existing consoles to V3 specification.

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