New Versions Of A&H Mixers

US Chrome Edition models of GLD series mixers enhanced with new features and FX      10/04/15

New Versions Of A&H Mixers

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Allen & Heath has launched new Chrome Edition models of its GLD series mixers, with extensive new features and FX.

GLD Chrome firmware adds Auto Mic Mixing capability and further additions to the comprehensive processing suite, including faithfully crafted new FX and channel-based compressor emulations.

The Chrome Edition GLD-80 and GLD-112 mixers have been redesigned with a new metallic livery, while the AR84 and AR2412 AudioRacks have received a sleek black finish.

The automatic mic mixer (AMM) can be configured to work across all 44 microphone sources, allowing the user to select which inputs should be auto-mixed without the usual restrictions of a 16 channel insert based system. The AMM can be set to work in two modes – 'D-Classic' dynamic gain sharing for a simple quick set-up, and 'Number of Open Microphones' (NOM) logic gate technology for a more flexible and sophisticated auto mix. A Best Mic Lock system detects cross talk between different sources and limits open microphones.

GLD Chrome firmware includes a unique new DEEP Plug-In architecture that allows users to select from a number of different processing units on every input and mix channel. Two new RMS-VCA inspired compressor models, the 16T and 16VU, are included. Integrated within the mixer's channel processing, all six compressor models can be selected on any of the input and mix channels on the fly, without burning valuable FX slots or adding latency.

The new version 1.5 Chrome firmware also features several additions to Allen & Heath's on-board FX suite, including a new Stereo Tap Delay, with 2.7 second maximum delay time, split LR beat fraction control, millisecond mode, and comprehensive Tap Tempo functions. There is a new Bucket Brigade delay emulating the non-linearity of solid state delay units, and Echo, which A&H say is a faithful emulation of the classic tape echo system popular in the 1970's, a distinctly recognisable sound which models tape non-linearity and filtering characteristics.

A&H senior product manager, Nicola Beretta, told us, "Having toured with artists such as Rita Ora and Of Mice and Men, and installed in numerous prestigious venues including the Maracana stadium in Rio, GLD has earned its reputation for superb audio quality, class-leading processing, and incredibly intuitive workflow. GLD Chrome opens up new applications thanks to the sophisticated AMM, whilst at the same time strengthening GLD's position in the live/touring market with an array of processing tools and new style options."

Pricing and Availability:
The GLD Chrome Edition is shipping now.

GLD-80: £4,349 / €5,899 / $4,999   
GLD-112: £5599 / €7,619 / $6,499

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