The Rubiks Cube Just Got A Little More Puzzling

US Swedish inventor builds a sequencer from Rubik's Cubes      23/03/15

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The Rubik's Cube has always puzzled us here at the Sonic offic. But the Cube Sequencer built by renowned swedish producer and inventor Hakan Libdo takes up to 12 of them, mounts them on a 4x4 grid and makes music out of them. Hakan asks:

"What is the difference between playing a game and playing music? and who is the winner?"

A camera mounted above the 4x4 grid detects customised Rubik's Cubes and then translates the different colours into musical notes. The challenge then is for the player to solve each cube in a way that makes beautiful music. In reality the Cube Sequencer is maybe a little harder to master than your average music sequencer.

"But why does it have to be easy?" Libdo asks "Most of today's electronic music tools have a low learning curve. But the Cube Sequencer is not easy. Just like learning how to play the violin or chess--or to solve the Rubik's Cube, this takes time to master."

White is drums, green is bass, orange is percussion, red is synth 1, yellow is synth 2, blue is synth 3, and you can scramble the cubes in real time to keep the song moving.


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