Podcast: Sonic TALK 395 - Kraftwerk, Wizards Of Oz

Behringer Midas Synth, Steinberg VST Connect, Aira MX-1 Performance      05/03/15

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65:5 mins


  • Gaz Williams - Producer, bass player, music technologist
  • Rich Hilton - Chic keyboard player, Nile Rodgers' studio guy

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First we hear of Rich's experience at playing the Elton John Oscars after party, then the Behringer "leaked" video, Steinberg's VST Connect for remote recording sessions, musicIO and Audiomux/Midimux finally brings wired audio/midi to and from iOS devices, that Kraftwerk video where we get to see their gear, DJ Kink's AIRA MX-1 mixer jam, the Parva 8 voice poly.



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