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Acustica Audio releases Aquamarine for Mac and Windows      02/03/15

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Acustica Audio has announced the release of the Aquamarine, which they describe as a model of a highly coveted and desirable mastering compressor and are giving away two copies free on Social Media (details below). They tell us that, developed as a high end mastering unit, the original processor is in fact suitable for a number of mixing and mastering duties because of its character and versatility. Here's more details in Acustica Audio's own words:

Acustica Audio have selected this truly special unit to focus and develop their unique sampling technology, and created a highly accurate model which captures the wonderfully euphonic 'modern vintage' characteristics of the unit, with some twists, so it is available as a plugin in your DAW in AU and VST formats.

Acqua Technology
Aquamarine is built on an upgraded version of the dynamic nonlinear-convolution Nebula engine, modified to more accurately deliver the complex compression characteristics exhibited by analogue hardware compressors. Nebula made its name on its ability to authentically sample subtle analogue harmonics and frequency characteristics. This new combination of updated compression capture and authentic harmonics, in the simple to use and deadly looking Acqua plugin format, is the lethal combination people have been waiting for. Aquamarine is ready for war.

Transformer Inputs
First off there is a switchable transformer input process providing three tonal variations: Bronze - the most coloured followed by Silver then Gold, each with slightly different frequency and saturation characteristics. To build on the original, Acustica have provided Aquamarine with a pre amp 'off' setting, which combined with the mix control will provide options to make it even more attractive to mastering engineers who are looking for a lighter touch.

Two Compressors in Series

The first compressor is a smooth and warm sounding Opto style compressor. Simple to use with just a threshold and gain make up, it is great at effortlessly controlling dynamic range and to and finesse the signal.
The second compressor is a Discrete VCA style which is punchy and can really grab a signal. It can go from a subtle 1.2:1 ratio for gentle control and transient preserving compression, to a savage 'Flood' over-limit, to be used for creative compression effects. The Discrete VCA has controllable timings to suit many situations and with digital technology the attack time has been improved to reach almost zero with very low aliasing.
The compressor section also features a high pass filter to control the compressors response to bass frequencies and a mix control which builds on the original unit's functionality by providing onboard parallel compression without the complication of aux tracks.

The Result - Domination

The configuration of dual compressors, combined with the compression control and tonal possibilities, presents the user with not just a unique, great sounding processing unit but a highly versatile one which can compress and enhance many audio signals from full mixes to bass, vocals and all manner of audio tracks.


Two licenses given away one each on Twitter and Facebook - you can enter both....To enter - go to Acustica page linked below - 'Like' or 'Follow' - and enter the phrase "War is Over" in the Release Announcement. Winner chosen at random.

Pricing and Availability:
Aquamarine is available now for €179 (10% off intro price), as a VST in PC, and AU and VST Mac format - 32 and 64bit.
If you would like to try Aquamarine in the absence of a demo - please contact the sales team ( - you can buy with the option of a refund.

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