DanceFair 2015: Tip Top Audio Station 252

US Performance and breakdown      25/02/15
    MP4 13:29 mins    

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Confirmed Sonicstate fan Konstantin Gervis, was manning the controls of this gorgeous Tip Top Audio Station 252 portable Eurorack case. With Circadian Rhythms and Trigger Riot providing the engine room for the sequences, plus a full rack of other Tip Top goodies we get 5 min jam session. if you want to skip to the chat - head for about 5:50.

Konstantine take this very system to club gigs where he "is constantly blown away by how great it sounds through a PA system"

Tip Top also have a number of classic analog drum modules in the 808/909 tradition, as well as the ZDSP effects module and the Z2040 Low pass filter. Osclilators are provided by two Z3000 modules with precise Hz readouts for pitch accuracy.

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