Podcast: NAMM Special - Guitars and Modular

Editors Richard Beech and Edd Butterworth give their impressions      13/02/15

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59:33 mins



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It's the final wrap of the NAMM experience - its taken three episodes - that should give you an idea of just how much stuff was released at the show...

Rich and Edd give us their impressions, and choose a few of their favourite gear picks, as well as tell us what happened at the Jonny Depp/Alice Cooper party..

Once again thanks to all our team form the show - Mera, Roberts, Matt and Ru, Jason Donnelly, Andy Mac and Rob Hicks for their tireless efforts. And also of course to our show NAMM 2015 show sponsors, Universal Audio, Presonus, Cakewalk, Line 6 and Clavia.

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