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K-Devices releases Alter Echo Max for Live device      10/02/15

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K-Devices has released Alter Echo, a Max for Live device that they believe is the most creative delay you can use in Ableton Live. A spokesperson said, "Alter Echo is a super delay - it delays signals with incredible accurate tools, and it offers a set of crazy manipulation parameters."

Here's waht Ableton has to say about it...

Alter Echo specializes in creating rhythmic delays. It allows you to take high-level control of how echo behaves over time, so you can create and experiment with complex rhythmic movement. You can apply Alter Echo to your existing clips and sequences, or process incoming signals by dropping it on an Audio Input. It's great for turning an ordinary drum loop into a spaced-out new rhythm, or for taking a pad, synth or instrument line and making it move and pump in time. On a live input the step based delays can provide inspiration for new grooves and melodies for live performers.

Building on their popular Herse slicing effect, K-Devices have re-imagined delay with step based control. The "What" and "When" sequence lanes offer transport-synced control of both how much audio is sent to the delay units and when the delay is heard. Unique ramps and shapes in the "What" Lane let you create organic sequences to feed the delay. The "Texturize" section offers a second delay with two playheads that can be "shifted" into your sound. This has independent timing and can be used in "Forwards", "Backwards" and "Forwards-Backwards" modes alongside the main output signal. A filter unit and unique wet/dry side chain compressor let you to sculpt the balance of your sound. You can use Alter Echo in stereo or in dual mono with completely independent control of left and right channels.

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€29.00 Here.

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