NAMM 2015: Best Of Show Awards

We pick our favourites      03/02/15

Best of the rest

Elektron OverBridge

Somehow, Elektron have figured out how to aggregate multiple USB audio devices  of their Analog range -  Analog Four, Analog Keys and Rytm Drum Machine into a single audio device via their Overbridge plug-in. Without the need to create an aggregate device, it just shows up as a set of inputs/outputs via the plug-in.

Now this may not seem all that much, but I can assure you it is, also coming is a host based editor and the ability to save your entire setup - including sequences, voices and effects into the Overbridge instance in your DAW document, and an editor - something that will no doubt increase the usability of the Elektron range significantly.

Arturia Audio Fuse

Not an easy job to create a sexy audio interface marketing campaign, the hype was hyperbolic, we wondered if Arturia could deliver on the level that they were promising. Truth is, I guess they sort of did.

The Audio Fuse is feature packed, with top notch convertors and dedicated front panel controls - plus it has a velvet lined lid - what more can you ask?

$499 - soon

Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

After the introduction of the MS20 mini and kits, people were asking for the SQ-10 - Korg's analog sequencer styled in the same way as the MS range.

What we actually got is a Volca styled version - an SQ-10 for the 21st Century.


Its a CV/MIDI sequencer with 2x8 step CV sequencers with individual CV outs - each with selectable CV ranges. Sequences can be run A->B or A+B so you can use one to control notes, the other parameters. There's a USB connection, we think this means you can use it as a MIDI-CV convertor too.

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UA Apollo Expanded

Being able to run multiple Thunderbolt Apollo units in your setup is a pretty major upgrade. Add to that the new workflow and configuration possibilities with Console 2 software and your UA Apollo system can really do a lot more. We need to put pressure on PC motherboard makers to include Thunderbolt ports so everyone gets to use this tech - here's a list of what is currently supported.

Bome Box

 We use Bome's MIDI Translator every day here, its got some very cool ways to transform MIDI events into all kinds of things including key commands, application launching, port addressing and more. The Bome Box, includes all this in a standalone hardware device with plenty of connectivity.

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