NAMM 2015: Best Of Show Awards

We pick our favourites      03/02/15

New Technology

Korg / Noritake Co Nutube 6P1

Korg Nutube

 This one was largely overlooked as it was overshadowed by the Odyssey and SQ-1 news, but it's actually a major innovation in technology that merges the old tech of Vacuum tubes (valves) and miniaturises them using technology developed by Korg and Noritake Co.


NAMM 15 New Tech awardHere’s the science - with the Nutube 6P1, what they have done is to create an anode, grid and filament which operates as a complete triode tube but dramatically reducing it's size to less than 30% of an original piece of glass.

In addition, power consumption has been reduced to less than 2% of a traditional tube.

The result is something that can even be run on batteries and will have a life of up to 30,000 hours.


So what? You may say, but think of this - tubes can be put into all sorts of places previously not possible - audio interfaces, microphones, synths, effects pedals, portable audio interfaces, Volcas (maybe?) etc etc etc.

We expect to hear some specific applications coming out through 2015.

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