NAMM 2015: Best Of Show Awards

We pick our favourites      03/02/15

Pro Audio



A number of contenders this year - Arturia’s Audio Fuse being one for sure, as was the Keith McMillen K-Mix, but for sheer channel count we have to give a big hand to the MOTU 112D. NAMM15 Pro Audio

With such a tried and tested track record, the number of people using MOTU for running live shows has to be legion, the addition of such a massive channel IO count is truly astonishing.

The 112D features 112 i/o across MADI, AES and ADAT with Thunderbolt, USB 3 compatible 2.0 connections, plus AVB Ethernet audio networking at 0.625ms latency plus an internal web server for configuration on almost any browser enabled platform.


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