Combined MIDI, Ethernet, WiFi And USB Hub

Bome Software BomeBox could let you use MIDI controllers onstage without a computer      30/01/15

Combined MIDI, Ethernet, WiFi And USB Hub

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Bome Software has announced the BomeBox, described as a versatile hub for connecting and mapping devices via MIDI, Ethernet, WiFi, and USB. They say that, designed for stage and studio use, the box has all the power of the Bome MIDI Translator Pro software in a compact and solid case.

Florian Bomers, CEO of Bome Software, tells us, "Many artists using MIDI controllers will finally be able to perform on stage without a computer. In particular, if different protocols and technologies need to interact, or many MIDI devices need to be connected, the BomeBox is the solution, for a fraction of the cost and size of a computer."

Here's the details directly from Bome Software:

The BomeBox is configured via its user friendly web interface from a computer or smartphone. After loading a MIDI Translator project file into the box, it is self-contained and worry free: just plug it in and it will run the translations immediately. It delivers reliable performance and low latency while using extremely little power: a standard cell phone charger is sufficient, and it can run for days on a USB power bank. Optionally, users can choose Power over Ethernet (PoE), reducing cabling and adding the option to supply both power and connectivity to cascaded BomeBoxes via the second Ethernet port.

The BomeBox is "MMA HD ready," so once the upcoming high definition standard of the MIDI Manufacturers Association is published, a firmware update will allow you to use it for transparent translations to and from the new HD protocol.

About Bome Software
Bome Software is a small team of professional developers dedicated to creating powerful MIDI software and hardware. The company, which was founded in 1996 by Florian Bömers, is known for its reliable and versatile music software products on Windows, OS X, and iOS. Furthermore, a wide range of companies use licensed Bome technology such as the highly acclaimed MIDI processing engine found in the MIDI Translator product suite. Bome Software is a member of the MIDI Manufacturers Association, actively participating in the standardization process for next generation protocols.

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