NAMM 2015: Ultimate Vocal Control

New TC-Helicon bundle features Mic and Vocal Processor      22/01/15

NAMM 2015: Ultimate Vocal Control

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For performers who like to keep their performance hands-on, TC-Helicon is promising "Ultimate Vocal Control" with a new product bundle, combining the ingenious 4-button Mic Control functions of their  MP-76 microphone with the vocal design capabilities and  FX processing of VoiceLive Touch 2. A spokesperson told us, "Never before have singers had some much performance power - literally at their fingertips."

Here's the details from TC-Helicon:

VoiceLive Touch 2 gives singers unprecedented creative control of their live sound with state-of-the-art vocal effects and performance looping in an intuitive touch layout.

A major update of the original, VoiceLive Touch 2 gives singers even more opportunities to hone their instrument, create new sounds, and move the masses.

Main Features

  • A complete suite of production-quality vocal effects including Harmony
  • Touch Matrix interface with Slider FX™ for real-time control and modulation
  • VLOOP™ Performance Looper with 6 tracks and exciting loop-specific effects

The MP-76 is the only microphone of its kind. Designed specifically for vocalists who crave total vocal control, MP-76 allows singers to roam the stage freely while controlling their TC-Helicon vocal processor directly from the mic – activating multiple effects, toggling presets, or building killer loops in real-time – without missing a beat.

With its 4 user-assignable Mic Control™ buttons and a numeric LCD-display, the MP-76 puts effects control back where it belongs: Into the singer's hand.

Main Features

  • Dynamic performance microphone, with superior vocal tone and feedback rejection
  • 4 user-assignable Mic Control™ buttons for creative FX control
  • Backlit display shows preset number and HIT status
  • Compatible with VoiceLive 3, VoiceLive Touch 2, VoiceLive Play, Play Acoustic, Play Electric, and VoiceSolo FX150.


Pricing and Availability:
The limited VoiceLive Touch 2 & MP-76 bundle is available from end of February, 2015.
$599.99 US Estimated Price / £469 UK SSP / €599 EU SSP

More information:


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